The beach is, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular leisure destinations during summer. There’s so much to enjoy at the beach during the hotter months: the sun, the sea breeze, the refreshing water… and of course it’s bikinis and guys with well-sculpted bods galore.

But this summer in South Korea, it’s not just the beach babes and hunks who are strutting around in their skimpy swimwear. Even the world-famous probiotic beverage Yakult is showing off its shapely body in a variety of swimsuits! Check out the designs after the break!

Yakult is a probiotic dairy drink that contains strains of Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria, which is said to help maintain and improve intestinal flora. The beverage is sold in many countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and many of you might be familiar with it coming in small bottles ranging from 65 to 100ml. But it seems that in South Korea, they have a “Grand” version that comes in a larger bottle about thrice the regular size.

▼ Regular Yakult vs Grand Yakult


But there’s more to Grand Yakult than meets the eye. Earlier this month, consumers found a strange strip on the side of their bottles, indicating that the packaging could be “unzipped”.

When the wrapper is “unzipped” and stripped off, consumers are presented with a refreshing new look… Yakult bottles in their swimsuits! The milky beige color of the drink makes a convincing skin color.




▼ It’s not all just bikinis! There are “male” designs to provide some eye candy for the ladies too.



In most cities in Japan, residents are expected to remove the plastic packaging on drink bottles, remove the bottle caps and separate the different plastic materials for recycling. It’s not a difficult task, but it can be a bit of a bother to have to deal with such detailed recycling rules on a daily basis. If all drink bottles had elements of fun built into them like these amusing Grand Yakult bottles, perhaps it would provide a source of motivation for people to get into the recycling habit, don’t you think?

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Facebook (GreedEat)