Alright gamers, how many of you remember playing one of those brick-like Nintendo Game Boys – the one with the tiny black-and-green screen on top that was nigh-on impossible to see without a 100-watt lamp or the sun directly overhead? Mobile technology may have come an awfully long way since Nintendo first released its classic handheld into the wild, there’s nothing that beats the fondness of revisiting moments from our childhood, and that little hunk of plastic was definitely one of them.

You may not be able to get your hands on one of those old systems now, but lo, nostalgia is nigh! For now, with some simple magnetic power, you can transform one of your everyday home appliances, like your fridge or washing machine, into a blast from the past with these giant Game Boy magnets!

Been wondering what you can do to dress up your living space or add some flare to your home, while showing off your geek side at the same time? There’s nothing better for that job than these sheet magnets which, with a little arranging, can turn your fridge into a giant version of the classic handheld Game Boy console.


17freezerboy02 (1)

Available for US$19.99 from Amazon.com, this sheet magnet set comes with A and B buttons, Start and Select buttons, classic D-pad and screen, which you can arrange yourself on any magnetic surface. It’s even dry erasable!

17freezerboy03 (1)

▼ Dryer, meet Game Boy. He also washes clothes.


Now, if only they could make it interactive!

Source and images: Amazon via Culture LAB