A girl who recently appeared on Chinese variety show “Challenge the Impossible” (挑战不可能) demonstrated her ability to put a number of animals into a hypnotic state in front of a panel of hosts and a live studio audience.

During the segment, she performs her talent on a dog, a lizard, a frog, a chicken, and a rabbit. While it’s certainly adorable to see her in action, we’re not entirely convinced that she has a unique ability, especially in light of what happens in the middle of her demonstration.

The full video is below, followed by our more detailed description. Note that the entire segment is in Chinese, and though there’s an option to translate the captions into English, they don’t make a great deal of sense.

The young girl begins with a fluffy puppy, stroking it gently while speaking calming words. Judging by their initial reactions, the panels of show hosts don’t seem to take her seriously, but continue watching with bemused smiles. They laugh when she moves away and the camera zooms in to show that while it remains in a resting position, the puppy’s eyes are clearly open and he’s perfectly alert.


However, their reactions change upon seeing her coax the next animal, an iguana, onto its back and lie still in a seemingly lifeless state:




Next up is the frog, for which she uses a similar technique:


Everything seems to be going smoothly as she moves onto the chicken…


…when all of a sudden, the puppy and the frog jolt awake! When it comes to her attention, she displays no sign of panic and very professionally goes back over to re-hypnotize them…


At the end of her performance, she gives a signal for a bell to ring, which signals the animals to wake up.

YouTube commenters seemed unimpressed with the girl’s ability, especially those who pointed out that they also used a similar “hypnosis” technique on frogs and lizards as children. Others suspected that the girl had previously trained the animals, or had even drugged them before the show. In any case, even if she’s not quite the next world-famous animal whisperer, she’s still a lot of fun to watch!

Source: Yurukuyaru
Images: YouTube/Trending in China