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Those of you who have been reading RocketNews24 for any period of time might have noticed that we really like pretty, shiny things. Whether it’s traditional art, a re-creation of something old into something new, or something completely original, when we see it we can’t help gushing about it.

When we saw this image of what looked like it could have been a new video game for the PlayStation 4, we were already impressed, and then we were completely blown away when we found out this was actually a fan-made, completely realistic 3-D rendering of One Piece! (Careful, One Piece spoilers after the jump)

This beautiful picture was created by 3-D animator Zhong Zhengxiang using the software programs ZBrush, Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop. The details are exquisite, the impact tremendous, and the fan reactions have all been positive. It features three important characters from One Piece: Gol D. Roger (or Gold Roger) in the red jacket, Portgas D. Ace, who’s without a shirt, and Monkey D. Garp in the white jacket.

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Zhong didn’t just create a highly-detailed, beautifully rendered masterpiece, his choice of scene is also very meaningful because there isn’t an identical one like this in the series. Again, spoilers ahead…in fact, the execution of Gold Roger takes place some 20 years before Ace finds himself in the same predicament. And the real kicker, as many One Piece fans already know, is that Gold Roger is actually Ace’s father! Portraying the two of them side-by-side in the same image, at this heartbreaking moment, Zhong knows exactly how to get One Piece fans to tear up.

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So what role does Garp have in this picture? Though he’s a Marine Vice Admiral and therefore trying to capture the naughty pirates, he became frenemies with Gold Roger and took up the role of raising Ace after Gold was executed. Father, son and father figure together, woefully playing out the tragic relationship between the navy and the pirates. This one is a gut punch for all the One Piece fans out there. Outstanding, simply amazing work.

one piece 1

Source: ZBrush Central, h/t Kotaku USA
Images: ZBrush CentralYouTube/MultiUser09