Japanese advertising companies aren’t stupid. They know what will get the attention of the masses – adorable cat videos! So when the creators of video game series Monster Hunter were looking for a new angle for their advertising campaign, they wisely chose to assemble the kitties for a range of super-cute commercials!

The result? Adorable cats in hats smooching iguanas, playing plastic fishing games, lazing around, yawning, and being generally fluffy and sweet!

Monster Hunter, abbreviated to Mon-Han in Japan, is a huge franchise encompassing many games, the latest of which, “Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village”, is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS soon. The game features an entire village full of furry “Airou”, known as “Felynes” in the West, which bear more than a passive resemblance to our own beloved kitty species!

This series of commercials stars a variety of felines wearing “Felyne” hats as they go about their kitty business napping, leaping, playing and, um, licking iguanas. It’s just as cute as it sounds! But you don’t need to take our word for it – watch the cute commercials right here!

▼ Hmm, this big lizard looks nice… wonder how he tastes?!

▼ There’s more of them! Plus… a crocodile!

▼ Perhaps a spot of fishing will calm me down. Er… so where are the fish?

▼ Forget the fish, what’s on that shelf?!

▼ There’s something strange about this giant vibrating egg!

Now, all the Mon-Han creators have to do to make us completely satisfied is roll out a range of Felyne hats so we can have a go at dressing up our own cats! They’ll love it, we’re sure.

Source: Grapee
Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube/CapcomChannel