In desperate need of a laugh? This little kitty is convinced that something’s hiding inside his owner’s sofa. Is the joke on him, or will we be the ones in for a surprise? Sit back and let this cat-being-a-cat tickle your funny bone!

Japanese Twitter user @ori_asm was in for a surprise when he purchased a used sofa only to find that his cat seemed convinced something was inside of it. He uploaded the following video of his kitty cautiously poking at the sofa’s fabric, as if expecting that a small rodent or other living creature would pop out of it (for the record, it wasn’t housing any critters). Japanese net users positively melted upon seeing the cute scene, retweeting it over 30,000 times.

Here’s the original video in all of its feline glory:

The kitty kept repeating this same routine and even began attacking the surface, so @ori_asm posted some adorable subsequent videos as well:

We can’t tell for sure what’s going on inside the kitty’s mind, but one thing’s for certain–he’s absolutely adorable!

Source: Twitter (@ori_asm)
Source, top image: Twitter/@ori_asm