The Attack on Titan live-action movie hit the big screens in Taiwan recently, and in order to add to the hype, the local film distributors organized a cosplay segment during the movie premier event held at Ximending. Cosplay-loving fans of the series turned up at the event dressed as various members of the Recon Corps, but it was an unexpected Captain Levi cosplayer who stole the show.

See more pictures of the kitty cosplayer after the break!

Many Recon Corps cosplayers complete their uniform with the titan-slashing three-dimensional maneuver gear, but Xueyu (鱈魚) managed to steal the thunder from the dozen other cosplayers with just his little kitty paws.

▼ Impeccably dressed in his Recon Corps uniform, handmade by his owner, Xueyu looked smart and composed even in the crowd, just as one would expect of Captain Levi.

▼ “Come on, let’s defeat the Titans!”

▼ A set of kitty sized maneuver gear was prepared for the feline captain, but it seems like the captain himself decided that it wasn’t necessary. (The weather was too warm and kitty Levi wasn’t in the most cooperative mood)

▼ Aaaand… the most destructive Attack on Titan duo just killed all of us with cuteness.

▼ Oh no! A titan got Captain Levi!

▼ Even the mighty captain needs a nap at times.

The handsome white cat has done cosplays of other characters as well, so hop over to his Facebook page if you enjoy kitty cosplay!

Source/Images: Facebook (鱈魚子Mini) via Game Over