A Japanese graphic designer and percussionist who currently resides in Seville, Spain, has devised an alternate design to the officially selected 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo in light of the recent plagiarism scandal.

Fan reaction to his creation has been incredibly positive, to the point where many people are asking, “Can we please make this a reality?”

The saga of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo has become unexpectedly convoluted over the past several months. The original logo while Tokyo was a candidate city featured a colorful wreath of cherry blossoms, and was well received by the public. In stark contrast, the recently revealed official design has been met with lukewarm reaction, and many readers of our own site added their voices to those of on the disappointed masses in Japan. The emblem’s designer, Kenjiro Sato, has also recently come under fire after claims of plagiarism emerged.

▼ The cherry blossom logo on the left, and the finalized logo on the right

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In light of the plagiarism claims, many artists have been resubmitting their ideas for alternate ideas to the winning design. One such displeased artist, Japanese Twitter user @vivakankan, has come up with an idea which has very much struck a chord with the Japanese public.

Here’s what he has to say about his proposed Olympics emblem:

▼ “The folding fan symbolizes good omens in the way it spreads out, and the tool has been used to cheer others on since ancient times. I believe it’s the best design for an Olympic motif and it perfectly captures the Olympic quality of harmony. The theme of ‘Japan (the red suns) being supported by many peoples’ is also represented in its design.”

Japanese net user reactions were quite favorable to @vivakankan’s design, and shared their delight online:

“It’s unexpectedly good. Let’s go with it!”

“If they printed it on real folding fans it could become official Olympic merchandise (・∀・)”

“It’s simple, easy to understand, and vivid. This is definitely the better design!”

“You can instantly tell it’s Japan when mixed in with a bunch of other past Olympic logos.”

“I really like it, but I wish it were a bit more colorful on the left side.”

“This is way better than Sano’s funeral-like design. Do they really intend to go through with it, even though he ripped it off?”

This writer, for one, much prefers the brilliant color of this design over Sato’s rather drab logo. It would certainly make for a much prettier T-shirt!

Source: Biglobe News
Featured image: Twitter/@vivakankan
Insert image: The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24)