Here at RocketNews24, adorable and fluffy Shiba Inu are kind of our thing. So when this little guy cropped up on Twitter, we just had to share. After all it’s not every day that dogs grow from shrubberies!

Japanese Twitter user @Yamamochi223 stumbled upon this cute hedge-dog and posted the pictures on Twitter, planting the seeds of a new internet star. Will it blossom into an international scent-sation? Read on to find out!

So apparently Shrub-a Inu are a thing now, and we have the pictures to prove it. Twitter user @Yamamochi223 posted this tweet on August 17, providing photographic evidence of such an exotic breed.

The tweet has since been deleted, but we have obtained a screenshot for research purposes, reproduced below:

▼ “It’s stuck!”


▼ So is it a Shiba Inu stuck in a bush, or a rare hedge-dog? Let’s take a closer look.


▼ “Oh, what’s up guys? I’m just… hanging out in a bush, you know?”


▼ “Do you have any treats? Perhaps some Miracle-Gro?”


After much scholarly debate, we’ve reached the conclusion that it is just an adorable Shiba Inu stuck in a shrub. The search for the ultra-rare hedge-dog continues, but until then here are some comments from Japanese netizens:

“OMG that face!”
“It’s so cute! It looks just like the MGM Lion!”
“Eh, I’ve seen it do that twice before.”
“I just want to pluck it from the bush like a ripe apple from a tree!”

What is it with Shibas and getting stuck in things??

Source: Twitter (@Yamamochi223) via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (@Yamamochi223)