It seems to be that moe girls, those cute, sometimes slightly sexualized, doe-eyed animated characters, have spread from their origin in Japan throughout Asia. Not only have we seen them being used to mock government initiatives in Indonesia. In Taiwan, they’ve been employed extensively as subway mascots, and now the Department of Technology in Taipei has joined the moe bandwagon with 230-chan.

▼ Well, hello 230-chan.


The new hit moe girl, 230-chan, pronounced in Chinese as “èr sān líng”-chan, is the mascot for the telecommunications department of Taiwan’s capital city. She made her debut on the department’s Facebook page recently and has become a city-wide and international sensation.

230-chan’s beauty isn’t the only thing that’s out of this world, though, since she is also technically an alien. She came to Taipei from a galaxy far away and is visiting as an information trainee, presumably to take her new-found knowledge back to her home planet with her…but if she got here in the first place, you’d think they’d be far more advanced than us, so maybe she wants to specialize in archaic forms of communication?

Accompanying 230-chan on her Earth adventure is her adorable AI rabbit, but’s not her robot pet nor her alien background that is charming people though, it’s her long black hair and cute bangs, her adorable pilot suit, and, of course, those sparkling, giant turquoise eyes.

▼ She’s so cute!


The city-folk seem to be quite smitten with their new Information Technology mascot, as are netizens from all over:

“Extremely cute!”
“I’ve been waiting for this!”
“Does she have a theme song?”
“I’m interested to learn who designed her.”
“I’m looking forward to further developments! Good luck!”

Moe girls seem to be taking over Asia. We wonder how long until we start seeing such personifications and mascot characters enter the mainstream in the Western world too!

Source: IT Media
Images: Facebook/台北市政府資訊局