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Omega Labyrinth is D3Publisher’s new game which mixes rogue-like game play with the ever popular all-girls’ school setting. Those who aren’t familiar with D3Publisher’s Japanese games may recognize the company under their D3Publisher of America banner which currently develops match-three type games for the mobile market.

Japanese gamers, meanwhile,  know the publisher for their…ahem…more explicit games, so they know that Omega Labyrinth must have more to it than meets the eye. Fear not gamer fans, Omega Labyrinth is going to deliver you exactly what you have been asking for, a game where the more monsters you kill, the larger the girl’s chest gets.

Due out in November this year, D3Publisher’s game answers the age-old question, how do you make your wish for bigger breasts come true? As the story goes, at a fictitious girls’ academy, there exists a Holy Grail of Beauty and those who find it will have any one wish granted. Of course, the only wish worth asking, apparently, is for bigger knockers!

▼ “I will get the Holy Grail and get bigger boobs!”

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Where does a student find such a magical and incredible item? Obviously, it lies at the end of a randomly generated dungeon-like cave where you must fight monsters in order to proceed. Fail in the cave and you will be reset to level one and lose all the items found on your journey. Succeed and you will still be reset to level one, but will return to the surface having harnessed the omega power, a power so great it must be stored close to the heart, literally: the girls store it in their boobs.

▼ Having not yet obtained enough omega power, her chest is small.

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▼ More equipped to handle the bad guys.

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The large booby omega power not only gives the heroines more strength to defeat enemies, but also identifies unknown objects by placing them between their jugs. There are also some other NSFW special scenes that are shown to players when they touch juuuust the right spots (we’ll leave that up to you to imagine).

The stars of this game are Aina Akemiya, whose melons are underdeveloped, Nako Mitou, whose coconuts are already quite substantial, and Saeri Soja whose mangoes are small like Aina’s. Never has the seemingly awkward body measurements portion of a character bio seemed so apropos.

▼ Aina, a girl who has a complex about her small breasts and is searching for the Holy Grail of Beauty in order to make her wishes come true. She’s not an honor student, but is a popular person who easily becomes the center of attention.

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▼ Nako, Aina’s best friend who is great at cooking and is the type to get into trouble. While she is clearly more stacked in the boob department, her and Aina always do everything together, even if it means venturing into the deep dark 3

▼ Saeri, Aina’s underclassman who is a quarter Russian. Her nimble body and quick reflexes make her an obvious choice for dungeon crawling and she accepts Aina’s and Nako’s invitation to find the Holy Grail.

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There is also a fairy character, “cleverly” named Pai (the Japanese word for boobs is oppai), who tells our heroines about the Holy Grail of Beauty in the cave and by the game’s own description, “loves young woman’s boobies.”game 5

Neddless to say, there isn’t a whole lot of subtlety going on in this game and since it will be released for the PS Vita, it will likely take full advantage of the touch screen, rear touch pad and built-in gyroscope. At the moment, Omega Labyrinth is only slated for a Japanese release, so those of you who aren’t in the land of the increasing bust size probably won’t have a chance to play this “gem”.

As a sign for what is to come in the game, D3Publisher put up a website that encouraged visitors to touch Aina’s breasts and increase their size with a counter on the bottom indicating how many times they have been touched. As of right now, the counter appears to be broken sitting just shy of one trillion showing 999,999,999,999 clicks. We just had to be sure it was broken though, so we touched them ourselves.

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If an all-girls’ school, boobs and a rogue-like game checks off all the boxes on your dream video game, you owe it to yourself to pick up Omega Labyrinth when November 19 rolls around. Something has to be done about their small chests…it’s not like they will just naturally grow themselves given time.

game 9

▼ Huh…they are getting bigger

game 10

▼ The girls are out to play

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Images: Omega Labyrinth Website