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Anyone who dabbles in taking pictures may be familiar with the concept of tilt-shift photography, wherein the focus is shifted in such a way that the resulting photo looks like a scene created out of miniatures. The effect can be whimsical but also quite stunning, especially when a subject of great majesty and importance ends up looking like a child’s play thing.

This is exactly the effect achieved when one videographer used tilt-shift and time-lapse photography to capture Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Check out the full video after the jump.

Darwinfish105 has been filming and creating short movies in Japan for some time now, and the last time we caught up with him he had created a mirrored view of Tokyo. His video encapsulated the buzzing metropolis of the largest city in the world and kaleidoscoped the cityscape to create breathtaking images you just couldn’t stop looking at.

This time his subject matter will evoke a different kind of emotion, one of child-like wonder as the giant planes of Haneda Airport look like they fit right into the tiny hands of a child playing with toys in his room.

The tilt-shifted perspective really makes you feel like you are watching a miniature diorama. We can’t help but smile as the planes are taxied around the airport, little workers buzz about the ground and the extendable walkways are carefully positioned to connect with the plane doors.

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Another interesting effect darwinfish105 toys with is exposure length during the time-lapse. He neatly plays with this idea and captures some really cool images that show off the different paths vehicles take on the ground and planes take in the sky.

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It’s really fun to see everyday places from a whole new perspective. When we travel, we are generally only concerned with things like our boarding passes, gate numbers and making sure our flight is on time, so it’s easy to forget that the airport is in itself almost a living, breathing organism that keeps moving long after our brief stay.

Source & screenshots: Vimeo/darwinfish105