Since their debut in 2009, 2ne1 has been an unstoppable force on the Korean pop music scene. Not only have the members found phenomenal success as a group, but three out of 2ne1’s four members have gone on to have active solo careers as well.

For vocalist CL, 2015 has been an especially busy year, and just last week Rolling Stone named her “One of 10 people you need to know”. But despite this, in a recent photo taken of her and someone else, for some reason CL wasn’t the one getting all of the attention.

CL, born Chaelin Lee, is a South Korean native who grew up in Paris and Tokyo before passing an audition with label YG Entertainment at 15. Following major success as part of 2ne1, in 2014 the singer announced she was planning a U.S. debut with a solo album. Although the release is still in production, she’s already caused quite a stir with her first single, “Doctor Pepper”, featuring Diplo, OG Maco, and RiFF RAFF.

But while it seems like all eyes are on CL right now, that wasn’t exactly the case a couple of weeks ago when the artist uploaded this photograph to her Instagram account.


Korean fans and YouTubers alike instantly recognized the young woman beside her as PONY, a self-taught make-up artist who vaulted to YouTube and real life fame after videos of her make-up tutorials and tips started going viral.

For those who keep up with the Japanese street fashion scene, you might also recognize PONY as the one of the models for Korean wig brand Gabalnara, popular among lolita and gyaru fashion enthusiasts, among other Korean fashion labels.


To keep her title as “The Baddest Female”, CL has to look the part, and who better to team up with than one of Korea’s baddest make-up artists. The two are certainly looking on point in their photo snap together, and we’re sure fans of both ladies are excited about seeing what other looks the two create together in the future.

Source: Koreaboo via Lollipop, YouTube/Mad Decent, YouTube/PONY Make-up
Top image: Instagram/chaelincl (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Instagram/chaelincl, Kitsch Island