How would you feel if you took a cute photo with your bestie, only to later realise you’d been photo-bombed by Sadako from The Ring? Pretty creeped out, I’d imagine. Apparently that’s what happened to these girls at a high school in the Philippines, but we’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions about the spectral photo-bomber.

Asian horror stories are never complete without a creepy girl with long hair, right? And what better setting for a ghost story than a high school? A photo that brings these things together perfectly is currently trending on Philippino social media.

Students taking a photo in the toilets at Rizal High School in the Philippines were shocked to find a mysterious figure in the bottom right-hand corner of their shot. Lurking behind what looks like a large plastic bin is a shadowy figure with long black hair covering her face. Who could this mysterious apparition be? Perhaps I’ve watched one too many horror movies, but I’m already imagining a mysterious, tragic death, and a vengeful spirit hell-bent on punishing other students for leading the kind of happy high school life she’ll never have.

▼ You sure get around a lot for a dead girl, Sadako.


Of course, this would be a piece of cake to fake. All they’d have to do is get their friend to skulk in the corner with her hair over her face, then pretend that they knew nothing about it. But the students involved claim that this is not the case, and that the Isidro Rodriguez Building has been haunted since the 1980s. Apparently other students have also reported ghostly goings on, and the school is considering having the building blessed in an attempt to deal with the issue.

Incidentally, Rizal High School is one of the largest schools in the world, so there are bound to have been some strange incidents there over the years when you have a student population of almost 20,000. But is this truly one of them, or just a schoolgirl attempt to create a stir on social media? Check out the image below and decide for yourself.


Real-life haunting, cheeky step-up, or just another case of Pareidolia? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: Pinoy Trending
Other images: Cinekatz