For gamers who aren’t particularly concerned with things like frame-rate and graphical resolution, the death of an older piece of gaming hardware can be just the push they need to finally upgrade to a slightly newer model. But for those who don’t have the money to splash out on a brand new system, pre-owned machines are a viable alternative—just keep in mind that if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

One Japanese gamer recently spotted a used “PS 2” at a second-hand store for just 300 yen (approx. US$2.50). Fortunately for us, he took this as an opportunity to take a lemon and turn it into lemonade, and left us with a hilarious review that soon went viral on streaming site Nico Nico Douga.

Mikumo, an avid gamer, was disappointed when he found out his original gray PlayStation was on its last legs and often unable to recognize discs. But with the PlayStation 3 still slightly out of his budget, he turned to his local Hard Off recycling store and was excited to find they had a used “PS 2” at a bargain price. Even better, it came in pink, which made him even happier because it reminded him of one of his favorite—albeit it Nintendo-owned—characters: Kirby.


Admittedly it did seem odd that the console should be so cheap, but unable to resist a bargain, he snapped it up and headed home. Checking the side of the box, it appears that all the contents were there, including the console, one controller (curiously written with the kanji 枚, which is normally used for counting flat objects…), and a utility “tisk”, whatever that is, but hey, I’m not really up on all the latest gaming lingo…


It also came with some multi-language instructions on the back courtesy of Sony, oops, I apologize; Tomy.


The English-language instructions warn users against potential entanglement hazard with the neck and not shooting it at yourself or others. But the Japanese version only asks for your understanding that, as part of Tomy’s efforts to provide you a “safe, fun toy and your dreams”, the console you find inside might be slightly different from the image pictured on the box. Like I mentioned before, I’m not cut out to be a gamer because I can only read two languages, so I’ll have to defer to you experts out there for any other safety or operational concerns highlighted in the middle…

Once it’s out of the box the console looks pretty light and compact. The controllers are smaller and easier to handle, too. Tomy really outdid themselves.

▼ I guess when it comes to games, Tomy’s motto is the younger, the better.ps2controller

In fact, you don’t even need to hook the console up to an outlet, as all it requires to turn on are two batteries!


Apparently you don’t need a TV or monitor either, as the console comes with its own screen. Don’t worry if your original PlayStation discs don’t fit, there’s a whole bundle of exciting titles included in this thing!

▼ Check out this racing car? kanji? gameps2game

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think this might be a knock off.

▼ Oh wait, I guess this confirms it…

Well, it’s probably too late to say, “You get what you pay for” But admittedly for only 300 yen, it’s surprising that the machine even works at all, and no doubt Mikumo considers his money well spent just for the laughs and Nico Nico Douga fame alone. Still, if you’ve got 300 yen burning a hole in your pocket, might we recommend one of these hamburger girls gashapon, made by the actual Takara Tomy company, instead? That or treat yourself to a copy of the award-winning “Harry Potter and the F#@king Pigeons“…

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