If you’ve come to Japan as an ALT or to work at one of the many eikaiwa English conversation schools across the country, you’re probably familiar with Leopalace apartments. Known for their compact, cookie-cutter design, they’re popular among expats for their comparatively easy application process, foreign language support, and overall foreigner friendliness.

Now, in case you needed more incentive to choose Leopalace for your apartment provider, the company is now running a campaign for first-time renters, who will be entered into a drawing to win a wall customized with Samurai Warriors wallpaper?!

Samurai Warriors, known as Sengoku Musou in Japan, is a series of action games, the first of which was released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004.

To enter the contest, you have to sign a contract with Leopalace, as well as be a first-time renter with them. Unfortunately, those who have already signed a contract before the campaign start date do not qualify. Of those entered into the draw, three lucky people will have the opportunity to have one of the walls in their new room custom-decorated with wallpaper featuring characters and imagery from the newest installment of the came Samurai Warriors 4.


Winners will be able to choose either the main promotional image used for Samurai Warriors 4, or a selection of their favorite character illustrations with quotes from the game for the accent wall, as well as from a selection of other cool wallpaper designs for the rest of the room.



While I personally could live without the Samurai Warrior accent wall, I do think some of the other wallpaper designs are quite fun. But for any gamers in Japan or who plan on coming soon, the campaign starts on September 17, so check out your nearest Leopalace agency for a chance to spruce up your room!

Source and images: Leopalace21 via Hachima Kikou
Top image: GAMECITY