If you’re clumsy, near-sighted, or just timid in general, trimming your nails can be a tension-filled task. Each time you press down on the clippers, a split-second of panic flashes through your mind, as you hope against hope that the pinching edges are going to land on the nail, and not the soft, vulnerable flesh around it.

Being covered with needles, you’d think hedgehogs would be completely comfortable around sharp objects, but it turns out that some of them also find getting their nails trimmed to be a scary couple of minutes, like Japanese pet hedgehog Ebisumaru. But while the ordeal might be harrowing for him, it’s unbearably cute for the rest of us watching this video.

Like all pets, hedgehogs require periodic grooming, including having their claws trimmed. In the case of smaller specimens like Ebisumaru, those claws are tiny enough to be clipped with a pliers-like device.

Size, however, is a relative thing. So while we humans may see those clippers as small, from Ebisumaru’s perspective, his nails are getting trimmed with a tool that’s bigger than his entire foot. Under those conditions, we think anyone would flinch…but we doubt anyone would do it as cutely as Ebisumaru.

The one-year-old hedgehog is a trooper. Scared as he may be, he doesn’t try to run away, and in the end the brave little guy is rewarded with a pat on the nose.

That’s not the only time Ebisumaru finds himself on the receiving end of a little physical affection, either. Belly rubs seem to be a regular (and highly satisfying) part of his lifestyle.


That’s not to say he’s strictly a creature of leisure, though. As a matter of fact, he sometimes shows impressive bursts of energy.

▼ Five seconds counts as a burst, doesn’t it?

And if these short glimpses have whetted your appetite for longer looks at Ebisumaru’s antics, you can check out his YouTube Channel, which includes this video of his bath and brushing time.

▼ He puts more care into his appearance than a lot of human guys.

HN 3

It’s important for Ebisumaru to look his best, too, since he costars in something called Vegeta and Hedgehogs.

New installments are shared on both Ebisumaru’s Twitter account and blog, and feature the spiky critter teaming up with the Dragon Ball martial artist for epic adventures and heart-melting cuteness

▼ Usually more of the latter than the former.

And as you can see, his nails are neatly trimmed in every panel.

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Source: Gamme, Twitter/@ebisumaru0515
Insert image: YouTube/Harinezumi Ebisumaru