Every once in a while, we touch upon the topic of crossdressing, and more often than not, the attention is placed on men crossdressing as women. Iconic male crossdressers such as Ladybeard and the “Sailor Suit Old Man” have been steadily gaining popularity, but at the same time, women who crossdress as men have also been bringing a new breeze into the entertainment scene in Japan.

Female crossdressing model Root has been the talk of the town in recent months, capturing the hearts of thousands of fangirls with her good looks and smooth moves. Some even think that she’s more desirable than actual male idols! More pictures of the lady charmer after the break!

There are many girls in Japan who like bishounen (beautiful young men), so it’s no surprise that suave dansou joshi (girls who crossdress as men) such as Root (ルウト; @chitoseruto) are becoming the center of many girls’ fantasies.

Standing at a height of 165cm (5’5″), Root is not particularly tall or well-built, but she has been giving male artistes such as the Johnny’s idols a run for their fangirls. Fans have been raving over how cool yet cute the talented crossdresser is.

▼ This seems to be one of Root’s favorite poses.

▼ We can’t imagine how many girls are dreaming of getting a kabe-don from Root.

Besides modelling for magazines such as KERA, BOKU, Gothic & Lolita Bible, as well as men’s fashion magazine Men’s Spider, Root has also starred in stage adaptations of popular anime/game titles such as Sailor Moon (as Jadeite), Jitsuzai-Sei Million Arthur (as Mordred) and Vampire Knight (as Zero Kiryuu).

On top of that, the charismatic model has also made her singing debut as one third of an ikemen joshi unit known as Signal, produced by famous Vocaloid song writer Hachioji P. Ikemen refers to hot guys, but in this special case, it is paired with the word joshi (girl), which makes it sound kinda oxymoronic, but “hot-guy girls” is perhaps the most fitting description there is for these handsome girls.

For more eye candy, follow Root on Twitter or check out her blog!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Featured image: Twitter (@chitoseruto)