It’s the year 2015, and you all know what that means: self-tying shoes, flying cars, hoverboards… and a visit from Marty, Doc, and Jennifer! While they weren’t supposed to arrive until October, sightings of the DeLorean in Akihabara lead us to believe that Marty McFly and the gang have changed their travel plans to make their appearance a couple of months early!

While we didn’t quite get the future that Back to the Future 2 had predicted, our technology has still progressed in many amazing ways, and we can at least still welcome the DeLorean to our time. The car was transported from the US to Japan for the Hollywood Collector’s Convention, held from August 22 to 23 in the Kudanshita area of Akihabara.

Doc and Jennifer, aka Christopher Lloyd and Claudia Wells, also made an appearance at the convention, but it seems Marty must’ve been busy off saving the future…

sasa_150825a02Image: Netolabo

…which, in a way he is. As you all probably know, years ago actor Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder of the nervous system marked by tremors and muscle rigidity. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has been raising money to fund research to find a cure, and those attending the event in Tokyo were able to take photos with the DeLorean in return for a donation to the foundation. That’s just wins all around for everyone!

We’re still probably quite a few years away from flying cars and off-the-rack hoverboards yet, but I personally would be happiest to get around by DeLorean instead.

Source: Netolabo
Top image: Twitter/@kaztsu