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When I was in school, it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for a classmate to claim that his dog ate his homework or ask to see the school nurse about a stomachache only moments before a big test. I myself remember having to tell one of my elementary school teachers that I couldn’t turn in my math assignment because my cat had vomited all over it. (She didn’t believe me, so the next morning I bagged it and left it on her desk.)

Nowadays, it seems like students have become even more creative with their excuses, like one male university student who recently had to visit the hospital to get some pencil lead removed from his urethra.

Perhaps the worst part of this guy’s story is that it’s actually true.

Between the rush of patients admitted to the hospital from dehydration due to Japan’s summer heat wave, there was one young man admitted to the emergency room because he had stabbed himself in the uretha with some mechanical pencil lead and couldn’t get it out, according to a nurse who was on duty at the time.


When asked why on earth he would do such a thing, the male responded that he was studying for an exam while naked, as you do, and somehow managed to stab himself, in the urethra, with some pieces of broken lead. In fact, the bits of lead were lodged so deep inside his uretha that doctors had to use an endoscope to carefully remove them.

The patient didn’t go into full detail as to how the he managed to (accidentally?) insert the lead into the end of his penis, or what he was doing without clothes on in the first place. Thankfully, many Japanese netizens were quick to fill in the details for us.

“Just what the heck was he studying??”
“Maybe he was studying medicine using lead instead of a catheter?”
“Couldn’t he have come up with a better excuse lololol”
“He must have really not wanted to study.”
“That nurse should’ve gotten some award for just having to listen to that story.”

The whole situation itself sounds like a tragedy of wrong choices, but we can’t help but wonder just how hard his professor’s test was if he was willing to risk a urethral infection over it. Plus, just imagine how awkward of a conversation that probably was trying to explain his predicament not only to the nurse, but his mother, girlfriend, or any other people he knew that dropped by to wish him a safe and speedy recovery.

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