In Dragon Ball Z, two characters of roughly equal size and power level can fuse together to create a new entity stronger than either character individually. But is this fusion phenomenon limited only characters from the Dragon Ball universe? This French artist doesn’t seem to think so, as he took the liberty of fusing DBZ characters with American comic book heroes, and the results are—you guessed it—OVER 9,000!

French graphic designer and illustrator Pierre-Marie Lenoir has quite a repertoire of experience, including being an artistic director for Vogue Paris’ website. A look at his works on Behance gives us a peek at his talent, but his most recent post, entitled “Fusions”, has been garnering a particular amount of attention for combining characters from the ever-popular Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z with everyone’s favorite comic book heroes, including Batman and Wolverine!

▼ If Goten and Trunks fuse together to form Gotenks, then this would be… Spider Ball Z?


  ▼ …Dragon Ball X?

dragonball x

▼ Dragon Bat


▼ Drobin Ball…

drobinball z

▼ Conan the… oh, never mind.

conan the barbarian z

So, we’re going to forget about their fusion names and just enjoy them for what they are! And, in fact, these superheroes fit their new looks surprisingly well. What other characters would you like to see fused together into one?

Source: Behance via ARTIST DATABASE
Top image: Behance edited by RocketNews24