male nipple magazine top

Male nipples get a bad rap. Not only are they often proclaimed as “useless,” many Japanese people think they’re pretty gross too. What’s a mipple to do in such a hate-filled world?

Thankfully Japan has the, well, a solution: a magazine devoted to showing the beautiful side of male nipples, appropriately titled “I Love Everyone! Man’s Nipple.” What exactly is inside this revolutionary magazine and where can you pick up your copy? Read on to find out!

I Love Everyone! Man’s Nipple (which should probably be “Everyone loves Men’s Nipples”, but we’ll let that one go) is a dojinshi fan-made magazine which was distributed on the first day of the most recent Comiket. You can still purchase a copy online at Melonbooks, but before you rush off to indulge your male-nipple fantasies, why don’t we take a closer look at the magazine itself?

▼ The cover of the magazine, complete with a list of the name of the nipple-models and a somewhat awkward photo perspective.

male nipple magazine 01

▼ “Extend your finger and try pressing them.”

male nipple magazine 02

▼ “What are the nipples gazing at…?”

male nipple magazine 03

▼ “Our nipples, everyone’s personalities.”

male nipple magazine 04

Still not sure if this magazine is up your alley? Here are some testimonials from satisfied Japanese netizens who purchased a copy:

“I can’t believe they made a magazine about male nipples….”
“Wow, male nipples are so much more powerful than I ever imagined!”
“I LOLed. This is amazing.”
“They’re not useless after all!”
“Little ones, big ones, they’re all just as different as the people whose chests they reside on.”

So what do you think? If your male-nipple cravings needs to be satiated before your copy of I Love Everyone! Man’s Nipple arrives in the mail, be sure to check out a certain article about using Japanese bread in a way you probably never before imagined.

Source/images: Akiba Blog