In many countries where baseball is a major form of sports entertainment, it’s common to see celebrities grace the mound for the ceremonial first pitch. Earlier this year, we saw Japan’s infamous robotic dancing group World Order execute a seven-man pitch which incorporated their signature dance moves.

We never thought we’d see another seven-man pitch this soon, but this group of South Korean performers raised the bar with an amazing gravity-defying pitch! See the whole routine after the jump!

The first-pitch ceremony was star-studded by South Korean folk song singer Aeri Park and her husband, Poppin’ Hyun-joon, who stepped into the stadium with his team of dancers shuffling behind him in a meandering, centipede-like formation. Upon arriving at the pitcher’s mound, the group of dancers then broke out into a dance sequence showing off their mad skills as Aeri Park belted out a contemporary remixed version of the Korean folk song, “Arirang”.

▼ Poppin’ Hyun-joon with leading the troupe of eye-poppin’ performers.


▼ Aeri Park jazzing up the familiar folk song to match the dancers’ groove.


Similarly to the pitch made by World Order, the leader of the seven-man group was tasked with the mission of launching the ball, and Poppin’ Hyun-joon nailed the shot with an impressive gravity-defying lean.


The anti-gravity dance move was made popular by Michael Jackson in his Smooth Criminal music video, but the King of Pop probably never thought that his signature move would have evolved into a ceremonial first pitch!

Source/screenshots: YouTube/spotv