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Like any language, Japanese has multiple words that have more or less the same meaning, but which help to put a finer point on exactly how the speaker feels. For example, pocchari and debu both refer to someone with a higher than average proportion of body fat, but pocchari doesn’t have quite the same harshness that debu does.

If we were looking for English equivalents, debu would be “fat,” while pocchari would be the softer-sounding “plump.” But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and one Japanese Twitter user recently posted a sketch diagraming, in his mind, the physical differences between a pocchari woman and a debu one.

Twitter user Taruto shared the following sketch while tweeting “Easy to understand! The difference between pocchari and debu.

Despite his insistence on the terms, while the woman on the left is indeed labeled pocchari in the illustration, the one on the right appears under the heading himan, or “obese.” But while it seems “fat” and “obese” are interchangeable in Taruto’s mind, he’s drawing a line of distinction between them and plump.

Let’s take a look at what he cites as the differences:

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Taruto’s choice of phrasing, such as “charmingly soft and rounded figure” and “squishy biceps and thighs that look like they’d feel good to touch” make it clear that while traditional beauty standards in Japan prize slimness, the artist can see an upside to a woman with a little meat on her bones. His illustration prompted others online to chime in with their agreement.

“I’m fond of both types.”
“I’d like either one.”
“The plump girl’s body has some nice accents to it.”
“Please make a version with guys.”

That last commenter’s request may have to be filled by another artist, though. Taruto himself declares “I like plump women, fat women, and women with small chests, too!” and with such broad tastes in female muses, it’ll probably be a while before he gets around to tackling the difference between pocchari and debu dudes.

Source: Twitter/@tarte25252
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