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Small talk is one of the worst concepts of social interaction. Most of the time, neither party has something worthwhile to say, but society requires them to talk to each other because it makes everyone seem like nice, approachable people. Why can’t people just be happy with the sound of silence?

The absolute worst is when you are caught in a situation where you can’t avoid the small talk, like when you are in a taxi or when you are getting your hair cut. You are unfortunately immobile and at the whim of a stranger, because really…how well do you know your barber? Probably not as well as you think, as it turns out a casual bit of small talk revealed this one barber’s unbelievably amazing hobby.

While sitting down for a regular hair cut, Japanese Twitter user @279500 had the following conversation with his barber, which he later shared with his followers. After the initial pleasantries the barber got a little personal.

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Barber: What do you do in your free time?
@279500: Nothing really, do you have a hobby?
Barber: I dabble in straw art.
@279500: Really?
Barber: Yeah, like this.
@279500: Whoa…what the heck!

straw art 1

straw art 2

straw art 3

@279500 definitely thought there was something unique and special here, so he advised his barber to share his work with the world.

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@279500: You are really talented, I think it’d be amazing if you had a blog or something.
Barber: No way. But I have had something good come out of this.
@279500: What was that?
Barber: I went to a straw factory and I was given the VIP treatment.
@279500: The straw factory’s VIP treatment…

We are just as baffled as to what VIP treatment at a straw factory would entail. Does it mean free straws? Or is it the chance to go behind the scenes and see how straws are made? How about a lifetime supply of colored straws to keep making his art?

Either way, this barber should definitely share his artwork with the world. And if he isn’t willing to create a blog to showcase it, we’ll happily help share it with the Internet for him.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@279500