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We all have our little idiosyncrasies that we fall back on when things aren’t going that well, like when you’re watching your favorite sports team and they are losing. So you have to sit in your lucky chair with your legs crossed, holding that shirt you haven’t washed because it was what you were wearing the last time your team made that huge comeback.

With the recent financial crisis in China affecting markets around the world, everyone is doing what they can to encourage a comeback. For one sculptor, it meant easing the woes of investors with his huge sculpture of a bull and bear, doing what looks like the birds and the bees.

This gigantic bronze sculpture was installed at an art museum in Fujian Province’s Xiamen City on August 24. The statue stands 3.4 meters (11.15 feet) high, 6.1 meters (20 feet) long, and 2.9 meters (9.5 feet) wide. It tips the scales at a mighty three metric tons (6,600 pounds) and depicts a very muscular bull dominating a much smaller bear. The sculptor said he created this piece hoping that frustrated stock investors could relax and sleep well after seeing it. But how does a bull plowing over a bear induce a calming effect on those hit hard by the recent crisis?

▼ “I did NOT…have sexual relations with that bear.”

bull bear 1

Turns out the sculpture depicts some stock market phrases that economists are familiar with. Rising and falling market trends are symbolized by a bull and a bear, with a “bull market” characterized by general rising prices and a “bear market” by a general decline in them. Knowing that, it makes sense that a sculptor would use the image of a bull overpowering a bear to ease the worried financial guru.

▼ “Get in there stock prices! Do it, you can rise to the challenge!”

bull bear 3

If, even after that explanation, the only things you can see are the birds and the bees, you probably didn’t have any money invested in the stock market. Don’t worry, no one is going to touch your secret stash of cash floating in the toilet tank! Perhaps a different sort of message is speaking to you when you look at this statue, one that says, “All you need is love.”

Source: ECNS China
Images: CFP China