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As a kid, the end of summer was always the worst time of the year. It meant that your days of sleeping in late, playing video games and riding around outside on your bike were coming to an end, and the new school year was right around the corner.

So who better to remind all the kids in Japan that summer vacation is almost over than the official Japanese PlayStation Twitter account? When they sent out a tweet asking “Have you finished your summer homework?”, they got some pretty hilarious, and rightly deserved, responses.

On August 25, the official Japanese PlayStation Twitter account tweeted the following:

▼ “Have you finished your summer homework?”

What exactly are they trying to say here? Is this an actual friendly reminder about the importance of studying from the nice people at Sony? Or with the notebook full of PlayStation controller symbols, is it some sort of passive-aggressive way of ascertaining how much PlayStation they’ve played during the summer?

Either way, Japanese netizens did not seem to appreciate the reminder:

“No it’s not done! I’m too busy playing PlayStation! Thanks guys!”
“I was just about to start my homework, then Dragon’s Dogma came out. It’s never getting done now.”
“Yeah nothing good’s come out on the Vita recently so I’ve had plenty of time to get it done.” [Ooh! Burn!]
“…what is this ‘summer vacation’ everyone’s talking about?”
“Give me back the time I wasted with Black Ops 3 Beta so I can finish it!”
“┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐ “

That’ll teach you to stick your nose in, Sony.

How about you? Did you make the most of the warm summer days? Or are your parents still yelling at you to dig your homework out from the bottom of your backpack?

Source: Twitter (@PlayStation_jp) via My Game News Flash
Featured/top image: Twitter (@PlayStation_jp)