Usually people equate high fashion with a hefty price tag, but the truth is real style is only limited by your imagination, not by your bank account.

Take this boy in Thailand, for instance, who is breaking both gender and conventional boundaries by incorporating familiar items to achieve that perfect vogue look. With a portfolio of outfits that range from minimal to whimsical, he’s showing the world that sometimes less is more.

Madaew, aged 15, is a resident of Khon Kaen, located in the northeastern part of Thailand. After creating an Instagram account and posting photos of himself modeling his own outfits, he quickly amassed a large number of followers, suddenly finding himself in the global spotlight.

Not only does the teen show a keen sense of creativity, his perfect poses and beautiful choices of scenery—all locations around his hometown—make each picture stand out that much more.

For those of you short on money but big on style, most of his outfits are made up of natural materials or everyday objects, and are easy to recreate.

▼ Animal friendly and on point

▼ Gives a whole new meaning to ‘going green’…

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Red and green

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▼ …or going natural for that matter.

▼ A little cuteness goes a long way.

▼ Just think of how much more interesting Disney/Pixar’s Up would have been if they’d taken this route instead.

▼ Don’t wait for someone to roll out the red carpet for you; bring your own instead (even if it’s purple).

It’s always refreshing to see a designer in charge of fashion that visually celebrates his or her own unique culture. If Madaew is serious about pursuing fashion, he’s made it clear he’s got the talent. Wherever he chooses to go from here, we’re sure his future will turn out to be just as fabulous as he is.

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