Many of Japan’s classic anime series have managed to engage young viewers from one generation to the next. Perhaps one of the most famous examples is Doraemon, which keeps gaining more viewers the longer it runs. Since its hit television adaptation in 1979, the series has slowly taken the world by storm, finally reaching English-speaking audiences last summer after a partnership with Disney.

That said, in over 30 years few changes have been made to the original series, with its characters never having to grow up like the rest of us. As viewers got older, many of them started wondering what kind of teenagers and adults the original cast would have become. Some of the franchise’s movies, along with a commercial series by Toyota featuring Jean Reno as Doraemon, have set out to answer a few of these questions, but what about fans who didn’t imagine a future quite so bright? It seems the only answer would require illustrating it on your own, which is exactly what one artist did when he decided to reinvent the main cast as characters from video game smash Grand Theft Auto.

Earlier this week, fan art of the Doraemon main cast appeared from a Chinese artist on microblogging site Weibo, and have since been circulating the web ever since. While we know from the original series that Nobita ends up marrying his best friend Shizuka in the future, apparently things weren’t always so peachy…

Somewhere after graduating elementary school it looks like Nobita and the gang enrolled in the school of hard knocks.








We suppose it isn’t a complete stretch of the imagination, considering Nobita’s poor academic record, Tsuneo’s love of money, and Gian always using his brawn to bully others, but who knew their bad influences would cause Shizuka fall so low with them. Or perhaps in the future Japan’s college tuition fees climb as high as the U.S.’s, forcing her to take up some alternative forms of employment to pay the bills instead.

Surprisingly enough it’s not the first time Doraemon has made a special appearance in the game, although this version isn’t quite as detailed as the artwork above.

According to comments from netizens, fans are hoping someone eventually releases the crossover as a fan-made game, but until then this probably won’t be the last time we see the two series featured together. We just hope it won’t be based on this erotic parody.

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