Cats are the celebrities of the Internet world. Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and others have their own Instagram accounts, websites, T-shirts and merchandise, and some have even appeared on TV and at conventions. But there’s always room for more! Enter Loki, the kitty with the permanent vampire grin!

Loki’s fangface is probably the result of a protruding upper jaw (or a receding lower jaw, we’re not too sure which). Loki’s human adopted her from a shelter, so not much is known about her early life and the cause behind her slightly vampiric appearance.

While Loki may look permanently malevolent, she’s actually a total sweetheart who loves cuddles and chin scritches. She also has an incredible 45.5 thousand followers on her Instagram account, which proves that she’s definitely got that cyber-kitty star quality! Let’s check out some of her most cutesome snaps!

▼ Loki’s best “what if the human is not my pet, but I’m hers?!” face

▼ “The blood is the life…”

▼ “…And it shall be mine!”

▼ Look at those baby blues!

▼ DOUBLE fangs!

▼ Like all the best internet celebricats, Loki has some sweet fan-g art.

▼ Loki and her person, Kaet. Please tell us where you got that T-shirt!

▼ Here’s what Loki might look like dressed as Count Dracula. Uh-oh, somebody better call Van Helsing before this kitty drains half of London!

▼ But Loki’s not all fearsome fangs and frown. She’s actually kind of an adorable derp. Check out her snuggly sweater pose!

▼ Plus the obligatory “fluffy feets” shot.

▼ And, of course, she loves to snuggle with her favourite soft toys.

▼ Fangs for all the cute pictures, Loki!


If you’d like to see more of this precious feline, follow Loki on Instagram (and remember, don’t shop, adopt :3).

Source: Instagram @loki_kitteh via Gamme
Images: Instagram @loki_kitteh