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Anyone who has spent a lengthy session playing Mario Kart will know what it’s like to start imagining elements of the game in their daily lives. Any time you’re controlling something with four wheels, you almost wish you had some in-game items to make the drive a little easier. Driving around and some jerk cuts you off? Red shell! Some idiot driving two feet from your rear end because he wants to go faster? Banana peel! Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and about to be late for work? Boom, Starman!

For this longboarder, he might not need special items to clear his way, but he certainly imagines his cruising life like a Mario Kart game as he battles his brother for speed supremacy.

With an electric longboard from Boosted Boards, some bumping music from Savant and sweet visual FX, CorridorDigital brings Mario Kart to life on our screens in a whole new way. This isn’t the first time the YouTube channel has brought video games to life, but their most recent video does it in satisfying fashion.

Forever the second best Mario brother, Luigi attempts to beat Mario’s track record on a punishing street course. It’s got a Thwomp, a Bullet Bill and even a menacing green shell that threatens to knock Luigi off course.

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Luigi cruises over the finish line with the help of a friendly little mushroom and just beats his brother’s time.

luigi 4

But his victory is short-lived as Mario quickly puts up an even faster time, one that is over three seconds faster! It’s just never quite good enough when you’ve got a brother who has starred in way more games than you have. Alas, the game is called Mario Kart, not Luigi Longboard.

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If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out more of their videos on their YouTube channel, where Mario Kart items and visual effects make life way more interesting.

Source & screenshots: YouTube/CorridorDigital