Improvement and progress is something that gives us encouragement and motivation to keep doing something, be it at school, work, or leisure. Sitting for examinations or participating in competitions can give you a good gauge of your abilities, but if you’re just looking to enjoy a hobby with minimal stress, making video or photo records may be a good way of keep track of your progress.

Taking photographs may not be the most feasible method for every pastime, but a wide variety of hobbies can be documented with photographs, such as flower arrangement, baking, craft making, and of course, cosplay! Some Japanese cosplayers have been sharing their “then vs now” pictures on Twitter, and it’s amazing to see some of the changes they’ve made over time!

Japanese cosplayers on Twitter have been sharing pictures with the hashtag “#キャラの初コスと現在を比較” (comparison of the first and latest cosplay of a character), and some of them were even surprised themselves at the improvement they’ve made after days and months of tweaking and refining their costume and makeup.

Many of the cosplayers mentioned that just changing the wig, contact lenses, or makeup results in a big difference, but one common difference we saw in these photos is that they’ve all gotten better with their poses and facial expressions. That’s definitely something that can only be acquired through experience and effort, and after seeing these pictures, we have acquired a new-found respect for the amount of passion these cosplayers have for their craft!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter/@29reye