Do you love coffee? Like, really love it? Are you running short on ways to express your true feelings to your latte every morning? Have you ever wanted to make out with your hot beverage friend?

Well now thanks to “Take Kiss Out” coffee lids, you can! Whether you need a pick-me-up peck in the morning, a mid-afternoon make out session, or a snogging at sunset, just snap one on to your coffee and enjoy a hot wet kiss anytime.

Will Take Kiss Out lids be the next big thing, or will we all be friend-zoned by our frappucinos? Read on to find out!

Korean designer Jang Wooseok came up with the idea for “Take Kiss Out” lids while sketching in a coffee shop. His inspiration came from imagining a cup of coffee in the morning like having a “warm kiss,” but the usual, boring flat lids didn’t quite satisfy his carnal cravings.

▼ Would you like a kiss with your coffee? Oh, not from me, from the lid.


The lids are designed with the drinking hole on the lower lip, so that it looks like you’re giving a gentle “lip-biting” kiss when you drink.

▼ Sexy or stupid? Either way, very trendy.


The lids have had such a positive response online that Wooseok is going to begin selling them to coffee shops. Right now the lids are one-use only, but a reusable tumbler with a kissable lid is in the works too, so you can smooch your coffee as many times as you want.

▼ You can even share a kiss with your friends!


▼ Or you can enjoy a safe-for-work kiss at the office.


So what do you think? Would you want a lid that you’d have to kiss in order to sip your beverage? Or are you already in a committed relationship with your current coffee lid? Let us know in the comments!

Source/Images: Jang WooSeok
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