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Summer is drawing to a close. With vacation season ending many people are burnt out and low on cash. But that doesn’t mean the party has to end! You can get a few more miles out of your summer and create your own swimsuit for next to nothing to strut around in at the beach. All it takes is the clever use of only one household item: the humble plastic bag.

Just in the past week, wearing plastic shopping bags as a swimsuit has become something of a fashion phenomenon in Taiwan. Could this be the next international DIY fashion trend? We think so, and we tried making some for ourselves.

Recently in Taiwan, images of ladies strutting their stuff in plastic grocery bags have been cropping up all over social media.

▼ Who knew that 7-Eleven had been packing your purchases in swimsuits all these years?

▼ “Shush, I’m wearing a bag. For some reason.”

▼ “Sadly, it plays havoc with my back and I must bend over like this all day…”

▼ Plastic bag swimsuits: good enough for Teddy Captains.

No one is entirely sure how the trend got started, but I think we all can agree that it’s kind of nuts, yet surprisingly creative. Anyone with a bag and pair of scissors can participate: just cut some leg holes, and off you go! You can even accessorize to complete the look that exemplifies you.

With all the hubbub, we at RocketNews24 wondered if this trend could go viral internationally. We happened to have one or two or a hundred plastic bags just lying around, so we decided to try out this new trend for ourselves.

▼ Here we have the lovely lederhosen-esque one piece.


▼ Someone help! This poor duck is stuck in a shopping bag!


▼ Next also tried bunching up the extra bits of the bag with tape to make a more form-fitting swimsuit.


▼ So cheap! So fun! There’s a type of swimsuit plastic bag for everyone!


So what do you think? Would you wear a swimsuit made from a plastic bag? If so, what store’s bag do you think would make the best outfit?

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