Among the similar-sounding expressions that trip up foreigners trying to learn the Japanese language are kawaii, “cute,” and kawai sou, “I feel sorry for it.” This sometimes results in awkward moments when you see your friends’ cherub-like baby for the first time and animatedly declare, “Wow, that kid sure looks pathetic!”

But sometimes the line between kawaii and kawai sou gets a little blurred, like in the case of this comically klutzy canine.

Japan’s actually got a pretty deep-rooted love of physical comedy, so much so that comedy duos will punctuate their punch lines with the straight man smacking his partner over the head with a paper fan purposely folded to produce a loud and satisfying thwack. At the same time, Japan also loves cute things, particularly pets.

So when Japanese Internet users stumbled across this video, their attention was fully grabbed.


It’s not clear where the video was taken, but the grassy lawn and some of the foods being tossed the dog’s way, particularly the taco, suggest it’s probably not Japan. Still, the giggle-inducing effect of this pooch trying in vain to catch his treats knows no national boundaries.

▼ Licking his lips in anticipation of that donut.

DC 1

▼ Here it comes!

DC 2

▼ So close…

DC 3

▼ …and yet…

DC 4

▼ …so very, very far away.

DC 6

Reactions in Japan have included:

“It’s kawaii.”
Kawai sou.”
“Awww kawai sou.”
“It’s so bad at being a dog.”

Cute and pitiable at the same time, we hope that eventually the dog’s owner just put the food in its dish. We mean, after so many drops you have to eventually throw the guy a bone, right?

But not literally, of course.

Source: Twitter/@DoTeKiller
Images: Twitter/@DoTeKiller (edited by RocketNews24)