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So we’ve seen mousepads intended for female-chest-loving otaku before. And we’ve also seen mousepads intended for male-rear-end-loving otaku before. But what about all the poor otaku out there who can’t get enough of their favorite female characters’ behinds?

Well the wait ends now. Japanese anime merchandise supplier Softgarage has started producing mousepads for otaku who are fans of female characters that are a little bit more, uh, rearly-endowed than others.

What do they look like and how do they make them? Make sure you’re in a place where it’s okay to look at some slightly-NSFW images, then read on to find out!

The Softgarage “butt-pads” each weigh in at a hefty three kilograms (6.6 lbs) and are made with medical silicone used for breast implants. The company has stated that the inspiration behind creating the mousepads is that “Ever since the dawn of time, men have loved butts!” Well you can’t really argue with that.

Here’s a video of a fan interacting with his Softgarage butt-pad, showing off how “lifelike” it is (Warning: slightly NSFW music/sound effects).

Every butt-pad is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that each one is slightly different from the rest, just like in real life. Here’s the steps that go into making them:

▼ First you start with the silicone implants that are impossible to look at without giggling.

big mousepad 03

▼ Then you lay over your choice of bashfully suggestive anime character.

big mousepad 04

▼ Make a few nip and tucks, and then…

big mousepad 05

Voila, the final product! Murasama from Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa is ready to bring some comfort to your internet clicking.

big mousepad 01

▼ Or if you prefer, Angela Balzac from Expelled from Paradise will happily rest your tired, aching wrists.

big mousepad 02

Oddly enough the website that makes the butt-pads contains this strange warning at its very bottom: “If you use this product as a mousepad, your elbow will be in the wrong position and it will be very uncomfortable to use.” So does that mean we’re not supposed to use these things as mousepads? What could they possibly be used for otherwise?

So what do you think? Would you risk elbow-injury to use one of these? Or do you have some other idea for their mystery usage? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Softgarage via withnews
Images: Softgarage