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At first glance, these shots look like any other photoshoot of a model in skimpy underwear. And as we know, the world (and indeed the internet) has got lots of cute girls as it is. But look closer and you may find yourself increasingly confused. These photos are actually the work of Japanese comedian Gari-gari-galixon, and he’s got an important message for you.

Gari-gari-galixon introduced this buxom beauty on his blog this week, writing: “She’s an F-cup beauty just waiting to spend time with you. She’s shy but friendly…”

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“JUST KIDDING, IT’S ME!!! GARI-GARI-GALIXON!!!”Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 23.21.07 3Twitter/@gg_galixon

Yep, it’s Gari-gari-galixon, who can more often be found in this trademark blue T-shirt than in ladies’ underwear:

The fun doesn’t stop there though:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 00.11.35Twitter/@gg_galixon

First off, we thought Mr. Galixon might be mocking some poor innocent underwear model by mimicking her poses, but upon closer inspection we realised that the right-hand photos are the “before” pics to the left-hand “after”s.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 00.11.45Twitter/@gg_galixon

That’s right, the whole thing is a witty expose of post-production editing techniques. Or something. And the best part? The only body part they didn’t trim, tuck or tidy up was the breasts.

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Featured image: Gari-gari-galixon (Twitter)