The sudden withdrawal of the official Tokyo Olympics logo has brought everybody down recently. Coupled with the trouble concerning the official stadium, it seems like Tokyo just can’t catch a break. Thankfully, designers around the world have been easing the pain with a slew of creative designs, bringing renewed hope as excitement rapidly dwindles around the metropolis.

One of the latest designs to appear online incorporates one of Japan’s most well-known exports: Pokémon. By fusing Unknown, the psychic-type Pokémon character, with the five Olympic rings, and throwing a good dash of elemental spark into the mix, this design is bringing a smile to the faces of everyone around the office!

Japanese illustrator Tokiya Sakba has been designing Pokémon fusion works for some time.

▼ Machula is what you get when you fuse No. 595 (Joltik, known in Japan as Pachuru) with No. 461 (Weavile, known in Japan as Manyura)

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The design that’s been getting him the most attention is his Pokémon Olympic logo, which is a perfect fusion of the five rings with Unknown, the mysterious eye-shaped Pokemon, who appears in the middle.

[tweet https://twitter.com/POKEMON_FU5ION/status/639838944335544320 align=center]

What makes the design even more perfect is the incorporation of water, fire, grass and electricity elements. Water to hydrate the athletes, fire to light the Olympic flame, grass to signify a respect for nature and electricity to describe the atmosphere at the events. Now all we need to do is find a way to get Pokémon characters approved as official mascots and then we’ll be truly smiling all the way to 2020!

Source: KAI-YOU Inc.