People who enjoy looking at cosplay photos seem to be split into two camps: those who want to see talented fans bringing their favourite characters to life, and those who want to stare at beautiful women in skimpy yet nerdy outfits. This Russian cosplayer has costumes to satisfy both camps, but it’s her most recent, faithful recreation of a character that has definitely caught people’s attention.

Originally from the Metroid games, Samus Aran is known as Zero Suit Samus when wearing her Zero Suit, a streamlined blue body suit which she, presumably, wears beneath her armour. Since she joined the cast of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., there has been plenty of sexy fanart and awesome cosplay of Samus rocking her tight-fitting outfit to date. And now another cosplayer has added her own take to the mix.

Vlada Lutsak is a 19-year-old cosplayer from Belgorod, Russia, who has recently taken the internet by storm with her cosplay of Zero Suit Samus. We think you’ll be able to see why from the photos below.


▼ The sheen of the suit, which appears to be some kind of latex, is simply gorgeous, and it looks extremely detailed and well made.


▼ Russian photographer Aku highlights the tall, blue-clad figure with stark, futuristic backgrounds. 


▼ Vlada also has a few other cosplays to her name, most of them quite a bit more revealing than her Samus one, like this sexy take on Freddy Krueger.


Cosplay hardliners, who believe that cosplay is about not only recreating a character’s physical appearance as perfectly as possible but also about trying to bring that character to life by embodying their personality, will probably balk at Vlada’s sexy version of A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s infamous villain. After all, short shorts plus a shredded, cleavage-revealing striped top don’t exactly inspire the terror Freddy’s known for. But part of the fun of cosplay is the creativity involved, and everyone is of course entitled to make their outfits and portray the characters in any way they want.

▼ Here she is as Mad Moxxie from the Borderlands games, a character who’s perfect for sexy cosplays since her official outfit is decidedly revealing.

Judging from her DeviantArt profile, Vlada is just getting started in the Russian cosplay arena but, judging by her latest creation, we’re sure that she’ll go far.

Source: Culture Lab
Images via DeviantArt