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There seem to be two types of people when it comes to the J-Pop girl band Perfume: those who have never heard of them, and those that have already fainted from excitement upon reading the headline for this story.

Not too long ago, the group took Japan by storm and stole the hearts of J-Pop fans everywhere, although in truth it does seem like their popularity has lost a little steam as of late. But don’t worry, they’re still big enough to make a splash at the Apple presentation that happened Wednesday.

The girls of Perfume weren’t there at the presentation in person, however. Rather, they were shown in a promotional video for the newest model iPhone. The three J-Pop superstars are depicted snapping a shot of themselves together using a new rose-colored iPhone 6s.

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The little cameo is brief. Like, holy crap, it’s brief. Blink-and-you’ll miss it brief. But Japanese fans are going NUTS over it, even as the audience at the actual unveiling of the device were probably indifferent at best. I mean, even if you were a fan, you’d probably have no idea unless you were paying absolute, rapt attention to the video—and who honestly gets that excited anymore for yet another iPhone announcement?

Regardless, it’s fun to see the J-Pop trio making an unexpected appearance an ocean away! We’re sure they’ll get at least another few weeks of use out of their new rose iPhones before Apple makes a new model that is the size of a small dog and bends to a 90-degree angle when squinted at too hard.

Source: Gizmodo Japan
Screenshots: YouTube/Apple