doggy 1

Cute and amazing events happen when you least expect them, but the convenience of smart phones makes it possible to capture those special moments no matter where you are. You might see something at a crowded festival or a totally random happenstance as you’re cruising down the street. Just whip out your phone and share away.

It’s no surprise thatoften times, animals are featured in our smart phone camera moments as they are constantly doing the cutest things, like carrying their puppy in a plastic shopping bag.

We can only speculate how this adorable puppy got in the bag in the first place. Perhaps the pup has a case of “curious kitty,” or maybe the mother dog is really, really clever. Either way, mamma dog must have realized they had places to go and other dog families to see, so she rounded up her puppy and hit the road.

▼ How much is that doggy in the plastic bag?

It must have been very convenient to travel this way, as the mom doesn’t have to deal with the yapping and general rambunctiousness of most puppies. Plus it makes for some super cute footage. The video is only 11 seconds long and not much else is known about it besides hearing some Korean spoken in the background, but it’s 11 seconds of cuteness to relive over and over on endless loop.

Source, top image: YouTube/Pixelated