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When was the last time you thanked your teachers for giving you homework or your boss for piling on the work? Probably never, right? A group of employees in China did something crazy last week, publicly thanking their higher-ups for giving them work.

▼ The employees lined up in a public square.

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A hot-pot restaurant in Shenyang, Liaoning Province recently opened a new location and thus hired some new employees. On Wednesday of last week, the company held a ceremony in a local square at 7:30 in the morning. Among the participants were the bosses of the restaurant and some of the new employees.

We’re not sure about the exact agenda for the ceremony, but at some point, the employees moved to the center of the square, prostrated in front of their bosses and thanked them for providing them with work. 

▼ A user of popular Chinese microblogging site Weibo was able to capture some photos of the odd ceremony and share them with the Internet.

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Sure, this ceremony may have been a little weird, and maybe just a show of the bosses’ need for recognition and a proclamation of their power, but it might also just have been a group of thankful workers. Who knows, perhaps without this new restaurant they’d be unemployed and in worse circumstances. It was an odd occurrence, but maybe we all can still take a moment to appreciate the opportunities in our own lives.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan via Toychan Net
Images: YouTube/Sina Premium