Oh the internet. With the sum of all human knowledge available at our fingertips, and people all over the world connected together instantaneously, we have truly produced some incredible creations like… pictures of funny animals, cute girls, and lots and lots of trolling.

And nowhere is our refined internet taste more evident than the latest internet craze in Japan: a girl kind of just doing whatever in front of a camera. In just four days she’s amassed a following of over 100,000 viewers on video and streaming site Niconico, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down from there.

What makes her videos so popular? I think we might have an idea… or two.

Miu-san started her live Niconico broadcast on September 10 and since then has only streamed a few times, though she’s planning on making three live broadcasts every week.

Her videos mostly consist of adjusting the camera, apologizing, and dancing/singing to English pop songs. Still, in just that short time she’s built up an enormous fan base and become one of the most popular broadcasters on all of Niconico.

What makes her videos so entrancing that tens of thousands of Japanese people tune in? You can watch some snippets from her live broadcasts here, though the videos are from Niconico, so if you have difficulty playing them just scroll down for highlights. (Netizens’ most likely thoughts in italics.)

▼ “Hold on, just adjusting… and adjusting… and—got it! No, wait, adjusting….”
Please, go ahead. Take all the time you need.


▼ “I’m so sorry, oh I’m so, so sorry….”
Oh it’s no problem, no problem at all.


▼ And finally some dancing and singing along to English pop songs.
Uh, can you come a little closer?


▼ More dancing and singing to English pop songs.
Oh yes, much better.


▼ And what would be a Japanese broadcast without some food eating?
Uh, can you come adjust the camera again? I think it needs some adjusting.


▼ You know, I think I’m starting to understand why Miu-san is so popular….


With so many Japanese netizens watching Miu-san, they had plenty to say about her:

“Wow. She’s cute.”
“She’s so bright I can’t see in front of me!”
“Pretty on the inside and out… it’s a Niconico miracle!”
“I don’t think three videos of her a week are going to be enough.”
“The only reason any of you are watching her is because of her chest.”

Well, we’re not going to pretend like that last comment is wrong. But we’re not going to pretend like it matters either!

Will you be tuning in to watch Miu-san’s next NicoNico live broadcast? Don’t worry, we won’t judge; we have our own guilty pleasures.

Source: livedoor NEWS via Hachima Kiko
Featured/top image: Niconico (Nino)
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