Here at RocketNews24 we love Ladybeard, everyone’s favourite heavily-bearded, muscular, precious flower. And as a natural side-effect of our Lady-lovin’, we’re also nuts about his newest venture, performing as part of pop trio Ladybaby. Something about the combination of cute Japanese idol teen vocals combined with Ladybeard’s growls just gets our toes tapping, and not to mention those funky dance moves!

So we couldn’t stop laughing at this new video titled “Elders react to Ladybaby”. Just what do America’s seniors think of this new mashup of cultures, genders, and musical stylings?!

The Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel uploads a variety of content, including its most popular “React” series, comprising “Kids React”, “Teens React”, and “Elders React”. The videos give us an opportunity to see how different media is received by different subsets of American society. While we reckon younger kids might be a bit more open to Ladybaby’s brand of metal-meets-kawaii, the reactions of some of these adults make for pretty priceless viewing!

Check out the video here!

First, the elders were shown Ladybaby’s debut music video for “Nippon Manju” and asked to give their opinions. Their initial impression was one of confusion as they tried to work out what was going on, noting that the video seems to be Japanese pop yet also somehow heavy metal, and that one of the trio was just a teensy bit different from the other two.

▼ Vera seemed to dig it…

▼ But Melvin was lost for words…

At the end of the video, the elders were given a full explanation of what they’d just seen, including info on Ladybaby and Ladybeard’s background stories, and asked to vote whether or not they enjoyed what they’d just seen. And the verdict is…

▼ They like it!!!

Some of the elders were surprised at the end of the video to learn that Ladybaby is actually “for real” (and we suspect some of you thought we were joking when we first reported about Ladybaby—but then again, that was on April Fools’ Day!). For all those who still aren’t quite convinced, we’re happy to say that Ladybaby doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon—in fact, they’re taking their madness overseas for a special concert in New York in October and to perform at the Hyper Japan festival in London in November!

This may just be the first step on their path to global domination.

Source and screenshots: YouTube/Fine Brothers Entertainment