A video of a female victim slapping the man who assaulted her has blown up over Thai social media, inspiring endlessly creative video parodies in its wake. From Star Wars to Doraemon-themed interpretations, Thai net users are having a field day giving the man a taste of his own medicine!

Last week, Thai police arrested a 38-year-old Laotian man nicknamed “Mafia Siam” for punching and verbally threatening a woman on the MRT, Thailand’s rapid transit system centered around the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The man had also been accused of other acts of physical violence in the area, as well as of entering the country illegally.

When the Mafia Siam was brought in to a subsequent press conference to admit his wrongdoings, an unexpected—but perhaps not undeserved—surprise was in store for him when the woman he assaulted on public transportation leaned over to give him a reciprocal slap on the back of the head. Well, he can’t say that he didn’t have that coming to him!

Here’s the original video of the angry woman slapping Mafia Siam:

And here are some of the multiple video parodies that the internet has so generously delivered:

▼ “We will Rock You,” by Queen

▼ Star Wars’s “The Imperial March”

▼ “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands”

▼ Justice Pao

▼ Luk Thung, a genre of Thai songs

▼ “Nobody,” by Wonder Girls

▼ “Animals,” by Martin Garrix

▼ Shaghai Tan

▼ “Hollaback Girl,” by Gwen Stefani

▼ Ragnarok

▼ “Shalala Lala,” by Vengaboys

▼ Doraemon

Which one of the parody clips is your favorite? Hopefully Mafia Siam will think twice about picking a fight with anyone else, or else he’ll have to suffer another angry fist—and the internet’s wrath—again!

Source: Coconuts Bangkok
Featured image: YouTube/Chao Hola