Earlier today, RocketNews24 attended the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2015, a video game and technology expo/convention held annually at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Since the first two days are for press only, the venue was a little quieter, and we were able to browse the selection of video game merchandise for sale in a calm and serene manner. (Even though we really wanted to hug all of the plushies, rummage madly through all of the T-shirts, and fondle all of the beautiful figures on display!)

Check out what lucky shoppers can expect to buy during Tokyo Game Show 2015 with our exclusive guide!

First things first, we rushed to Square Enix’s booth to ooh and aah over the beautifully-displayed goodies posed tantalisingly inside glass cabinets. You can look but you certainly can’t touch (unless you’re ready to part with some of your hard-earned moolah, that is!)

▼ This figure comes with a replaceable head! And, we hope, a cardboard box so we can emulate all the sneaking fun in an authentic yet cost-effective way.

▼ Final Fantasy plushies! I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy VIII, so I was really happy to see my fave critters Tonberry and Cactuar available as plushies! These monsters have popped up in other games in the franchise as well, but for me they’ll always remind me of hours of side-questing fun with Squall and co!

▼ Dragon Quest Slimes aplenty!

▼ To order from the Square Enix store, pick up an order form before entering the booth and hand it over at the cash register at the end. Just note down the item number, quantity and whether you’ll be paying by cash or credit card.  I couldn’t resist the adorable plushies I’d just seen, but I also couldn’t decide between Tonberry and Cactuar!

▼ So, in the end, I made the only sane choice…

▼ Next up, Capcom! They’ll give you a basket when you enter so feel free to load it up with as much loot as you can cram in. Let’s check out what’s on offer!

▼ Adorable Monster Hunter hoodies complete with cat ears!

▼ Not to mention T-shirts!

▼ Soundtrack CDs for some of the classics!

▼ And beautiful art books.

▼ I’m a Resident Evil nutcase, so I was slightly sad that there wasn’t a larger selection of zombie goods on sale. Hungry gamers can take home a box of Resident Evil Green Herb Curry, though. We’ve tried it, and it’s not half bad.

▼ I decided to show my support for Raccoon City’s Special Tactics and Rescue Service with this STARS keychain!

▼ I’m sure your co-workers won’t have any OBJECTIONs to you bringing in a box of these Ace Attorney cookies to share around!

▼ Get your Squeenix music fix from their dedicated CD shop!

▼ Kawaii enough for you?

▼ Mario and Luigi and Yoshi and Kirby and more!

▼ So pink, so cuddly!

▼ This little Yoshi’s found himself a new home!

▼ These sneakers were seriously cool… Dreamcast themed! If you want to show your love for your favourite obsolete console on your feet, we reckon you can’t do any better than these!

▼ Unless of course, you’re more of a Sega Saturn guy or girl…

▼ Me? I’m old-school. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis all the way!

▼ Or maybe Monokuma’s more your sneaker scene?

▼ Don’t forget to pick up an official T-shirt before you leave! How else is anyone supposed to know you spent the day at 2015’s coolest video game event?!

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