Even if you haven’t been with us for very long, it’s not hard to see that we here at RocketNews24 love cats. Big, small, fit, fat, even stretchy, cats of all shapes and sizes win our hearts! We even love them when they’re wreaking havoc on small towns of people, like the devilish little cutie in this feline remake of a man versus monster flick…

This video plays like a suspenseful theatrical trailer, and wastes no time getting straight to the action with armies of little paper people firing shots at the stealthy ginger cat. And no one likes to be shot at, so of course kitty retaliates, taking out shooter after shooter with a mere swipe of his paw.

Things take a gruesome turn as paper people fall victim to Catzilla’s jaws of doom. Even the helicopter crew is no match against his strength and speed!

Carnage is everywhere — paper heads, arms, and torsos scatter across the carpet like fallen autumn leaves. All seems doomed for the paper population… Or is it?

Whatever the outcome, in the end ginger cat is still the cutest!

Source and top image: YouTube (Adam Cox)