At first glance, it looks like a trailer for a new movie or even a documentary about the pressures of beauty, popularity and social media. But in what is one of the most elaborate video commercials we’ve come across in a while, one beauty clinic in Thailand has gone to extreme lengths to advertise its services. Playing on the vulnerability of today’s millennials and modern societal pressures of beauty, they have produced a 14-minute short film which is as compelling as it is a disturbing.

The video centres around Lalin (her name meaning “the moon”), a 20-something Thai girl living in Japan. The commercial is mostly shot in Sapporo, Japan as the viewer follows Lalin’s journey from Thailand as a teased and bullied young girl. With the opportunity to study abroad, she escapes to Sapporo where nobody knows her and she can live under a new identity.

Passing herself off as a modern beauty, she becomes a internet idol on social media platforms. Therein lies the beauty of social media, the ability and convenience to portray two different lives, or more accurately, where we choose to reveal only our online identity rather than our true, ordinary un-glamourous lives.  The reality is that Lalin conceals her face everyday with a mask, hiding from the world. Knowing her life is a lie she struggles to come to terms with self-acceptance.


We kind of wish that this was a real movie rather a commercial because it would definitely be worth seeing, as cliche as it might be.

Relying on the use of smartphone technology and social media apps, Lalin portrays a beautiful, flawless version of herself. You would be forgiven for  mistaking this video as an add for the BestFace app. Instead, this short film is advertising a Thai skin and laser dermatology service.


▼That moment when you realise it’s a commercial for a skin clinic


You’re probably eager to find out if you ever get to see the real Lalin unveiled behind her mask. We don’t want to spoil it for  you, so watch the video in full for yourself!

The irony of a short film about embracing your inner beauty, bravery and being true to yourself advertising a skin and cosmetic beauty clinic is exceptionally thick, but on the other hand, Thailand is known for their epic TV commercials designed to give you the feels. This beautifully produced video  is no exception, and, in case you were interested, the Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency produced the commercial for Pornkasem Clinic.

Whether you love or hate the ad, and despite its well-meaning message, once you get over what it’s actually advertising, you might be able to appreciate the piece as clever and poignant marketing. Maybe.

Source/images: YouTube/Pornkasem Clinic