pin up 3

Sometimes, we can feel a little put off when someone takes our childhood memories and adds an adult twist to them. We want to preserve our innocence by keeping things exactly as they were. However, when the work is this good, you just have to appreciate the final product. Besides, Disney was made for adults too, right?

We might have walked down this road before, but the artist for this round of princess pin-ups is Russian born Andrew Tarusov who has built his artistic repertoire after settling down in Los Angeles years ago. His favorite style is pin-up and classic comic book art and says his inspiration all comes from his wife. This means, instead of a little bit of Photoshop magic, Andrew has re-imagined and re-drawn the Disney princesses completely. So what do our Disney girls look like with his creative touch?

▼ The sisters look great, but Olaf is likely scarred for life


▼ Ariel just floundering around. Probably not the first time this has happened


▼ Prince Phillip knows this isn’t a magic induced sleep


▼ Belle has found the real way to tame the Beast


▼ Prince Naveen is getting a little cheeky with Tiana


▼ Jasmine getting all comfortable with Rajah


▼Merida and what we hope is Mor’du and not her mother


▼Rapunzel making fine use of all that hair


▼ Snow White and an extremely bashful Dopey


▼ Tinkerbell knows the real way to enjoy a cup of joe


Andrew has posted his work on his Facebook, Instagram and DeviantART page and if you become a patron and donate at least $1 to his Patreon page, you are able to view this whole princess series in a NSFW version. Be sure to check out a number of his other pin up series including one for Game of Thrones and a mind-altering version of cartoon characters getting old. Which of these Disney princesses is your favorite? Did Andrew do your princess justice? Let us know in the comments below.

Source, images: Instagram/askandy