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A couple of American anime fans (well, at least one of them is anyway…) recently released a YouTube video that imagines a super obsessive anime enthusiast trying out his favorite techniques from the anime worlds he’s grown up watching.

Most of the techniques provide less-than-stellar results (spoiler: writing a person’s name in a “Death Note” doesn’t work), but a surprise last-ditch attempt proves much more successful. Let’s watch:

Trigger warning first, though. This video is definitely NSFW. There’s a bunch of strong and potentially offensive language.

The video was uploaded by RDCworld1, which appears to be a team of friends that spend their free time making YouTube sketch comedy bits. The video in question, in addition to many of their other videos, has a surrealist bent that fans of Monty Python and other classic comedy should find enjoyable.

While When People Take Anime Too Far obviously pokes fun at a lot of bizarre and sometimes nonsensical anime tropes, it’s clear the guys behind the video know their stuff. The around six-minute-long sketch covers a variety of anime genres, from action, to sports, to detective procedurals.

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The aspiring comedians clearly have a knack for this stuff. Just check out the spot-on sound effects and camera work, plus the hilarious ninja run that appears as a running gag at several points. Japanese watchers are loving it, too, commenting:

“That Naruto run is hilarious.”

“These kids are definitely enjoying life.”

“I love this kind of stuff.”

“Datteba yo!”

Anime fans should get that last one.

Source: Yurukuyaru
Images: YouTube/RDCworld1